Monday, March 19, 2018

Symptoms of a heart attack

A heart attack or heart disease is not a common disease. Earlier, people of a particular age used to be cautious to avoid the disease. But now people of any age can have a heart attack. Apart from chest pains there are some signs that can cause heart attack.

signs of a heart attack

Symptoms of heart attack

Heart Attack. Both of these words are enough to get rid of sleep. Mild pain on the left side of the breast, shoulders, neck, pain and discomfort throughout the body. These are the symptoms of heart attack.

Until now all these symptoms of heart attack were known to us. But recently, studies have shown that many symptoms have been seen long before being a heart attack.
Studies show that sudden abdominal gastrointestinal symptoms occur without any physical activity. They have a habit of smoking, diabetes problems, high blood pressure and excessive weight problems, among which there is a possibility of a heart attack.

Chest pain

The first and main symptoms of heart attack are chest pain. Typically, the pressure and pain are felt from the middle of the chest. Slowly, the pain spreads in the jaw or left shoulder and arms. If there is such pain, you should consult the doctor carefully.
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Difficulty breathing

If you do not have any respiratory problems, you should be careful if you suffer from breathing difficulties. Basically, due to the heart problem there make a  complexity of lung water accumulation and there is a problem of breathing difficulties without cold. Rapidly wound up, breathing through the mouth are heart attack symptoms.

excessive sweating

It is the first symptom of a heart attack. Especially in the case of diabetic patients, excessive sweating without chest pain, palpitations, and suddenly the body will start to feel bad, then the doctor must go to the doctor.


If there is a problem of cough for long time and you see white or pink cough. Your heart is not working properly. This can lead to a heart attack in the future. It is possible to have symptoms of a heart attack when regular blood flow with cough.
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If you suddenly lose consciousness in the workplace, then it is understandable that there is a heart problem. If it is not caused by anxiety, then it is necessary to consult the doctor without any risks at all.
Get tired of very soon
If someone gets tired very early he should be consulted by a heart doctor as soon as possible. This is especially the main symptoms of women's heart problems.


One of the symptoms of heart attack is the acute headaches. So headache should not be neglected.

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Pain and swelling of various organs

Body parts, especially hand-foot knob pain and swelling are not directly related to a heart attack or heart problem. But for a long time it can be the cause of heart attack. . Especially for a long time if there is water on the foot while sitting. Regularly, if this happens, you will definitely have to consult the doctor.
Irregular pulse rate
Generally, if you are nervous or  too much at running, then the pulse rate goes up. But when it comes out without any reason it becomes the reason for the thought. Regularly if this problem occurs, consult a doctor most often.

Do not neglect Diabetics or high blood pressures  any of the above reasons. Consult a doctor with any of the above reasons.